The Multi-Disciplined

Art Vein, Tech Brain.

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**Take a look at some of my works! I adore character concepting, design, and anything in the realm of cute!
** If you are interested in commissioning or hiring me, you can reach me Here

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Hi There!
I am an multi-disciplined artist who is adaptable to any project's needs. I am a self taught when it comes to anything 2D or traditional. I've leveraged a lot of the skills I've learned over the years to get a B.S. in Game Art.
I am quite seasoned when it comes to working in-house for:
○ Product Visualization
○ Research and Development
○ Concepting
○ Creation of branding assets
○ Merch design
○ Vector Work
○Working within a pipeline
○ & much more
I aim to grow alongside my work. My dream is to be able to motivate and uplift the future generations to come through my artistic contributions. I believe in everyone and everything.You can consider me the missing puzzle piece to many unsolved jigsaws. If you need something done, let's chat.
I will ensure your vision becomes reality.

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Please email me with any inquiries or job opportunities! I can provide industry work and my resume if you are an employer looking to hire.
I'm currently looking for remote work or anything in the PNW or SOFLO! ( I am willing to relocate if otherwise)

Thank you

I'll get back to you within 1-2 business days! M-F


Here's a list of fanzines I have contributed to:
○Blasting Off Again! (Merch, Acrylic Charm + Sticker)
○Friday Night Funkin Zine (Merch, TBD)
○From Necropolois, With Love (Merch, Stickers)
○Garden Of Secrets (Page Artist)
○Sanrio Zine (Page Artist)
○TMM Zine Vol.2 (Page Artist)
○Toycore Zine (Page Artist, Digital Merch)
○Wish Come True (Merch, Acrylic Charms)
○13 Days Advent (Merch)
*I also have experience working with manufacturers / POD services for my own store's merch!

* I cannot provide example pieces from zines that are currently in the WIP or preorder stage!

© Ner 2022. All Rights Reserved.